After the loss to Australia, Rohit Sharma raised questions on the WTC final schedule and venue.

after a second consecutive defeat India’s captain in the World Test Championship (WTC) final Rohit Sharma have stated that future finals should be played outside England, and not necessarily be scheduled in June.

When asked whether the WTC final will always be difficult to handle because it takes place after the IPL, Rohit said it should not be so.

“Why after the IPL final? Why can’t it be in March? June is not the only month when we should play the final,” Rohit said. “It can be played at any time of the year and anywhere in the world, not just in England, it can be played anywhere in the world.”

Rohit was speaking after his team lost to Australia by 209 runs in the final at The Oval. Two years ago, in June 2021, they were defeated by New Zealand by eight wickets in a rain-affected final played at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. The 2025 final is also scheduled Will be played at Lord’s.

Coming straight from the IPL this time, India have had very little time to acclimatise in England – and talking about their bowlers, Rohit has spent a lot of time especially preparing for the transition from T20 to Test cricket. Talked about the need of the hour. They arrived in 2021 earlier and fresher, but only because that year’s IPL was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, halting in early May before resuming in the UAE in September.

Rohit also added what kind of team he would like to build for the next cycle, at least to some extent where the final can be played. Responding to an earlier question, he said, “I also want to see where the next WTC final is being played. It depends on where we play, based on that we will decide how we will play.” “And what kind of players we want to prepare.” We want to play cricket.”

The question of where and when the WTC final will be held if not in England is, of course, intriguing in a calendar that is stretched to breaking point at the moment. The addition of three new domestic T20 leagues in the UAE, South Africa and – next month – the US means international cricket faces challenges like never before.

Moving away from June would require not only finding another window but, potentially, also a change to the international cycle as agreed. In the Future Tour Program (FTP) Last year.

The next eight-year cycle of international cricket will see four WTC finals in 2025, 2027, 2029 and 2031. The venues for the finals – barring the 2025 WTC Final – have not yet been decided and England has not been finalized as the venue, however. , so far it has been seen as the natural choice of venue between full members and the ICC. The Northern Hemisphere summer provides an ideal endpoint to the two-year cycle and strong crowds in England are guaranteed.

ICC General Manager Wasim Khan, speaking before the final, said, “The way the cycle is set up, we will always play it in the summer in the Northern Hemisphere.”

“A three-match series would be nice but it’s about finding the window where it can fit in. In an event like this you work hard for two years and then you only get one chance.”

Rohit Sharma

“Southampton initially, then we looked at everything from making sure we provided venues as diverse as it is within England. Lord’s was considered but it was decided on the Oval for where they are played. “In terms of that, in terms of final authority now, the UK is suitable for the set-up of the tournament. It suits the Northern Hemisphere.”

“I would love that (a three-match final),” Rohit said. “But is there any time? That’s the big question. Honestly, in such a big event, you need to give a fair opportunity to both the teams.” Is required.”

“A three-match series would be nice but it’s about finding that window where it can fit in. In an event like this you work hard for two years and then you only get one chance. It’s really There is no – you cannot get that pace that you need in Test cricket. Test cricket is about finding that rhythm as well as finding that pace. I think yes, if in the next cycle it If possible, a three-match series would be ideal.”

Not surprisingly, the winning captain was happy with the concept.

Pat Cummins said, “I think it’s OK.” “No worries. I think ideally you would have a 50-match series, but it has been reduced to one race to win a gold medal at the Olympics. There are finals in the AFL, NRL seasons. That’s the game. “

Usman Samiuddin is senior editor at ESPNcricinfo

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