Assassin’s Creed Raid Female Protagonist Character Art Leaked by Ubisoft Writer

assassin’s creed raids It appears that the female protagonist has been leaked online. According to Eurogamer, Ubisoft writer Pierre Boudreau inadvertently set his linkedin header image To feature the unnamed lead, Joe is seen wearing the iconic hooded cloak against a red background while wielding a katana. The original image with the signature logo has been replaced with Ivor’s image, assassin’s creed valhalla hero. This is in line with the studio’s own claims from its 2022 presentation, where it confirmed that players will be sent to feudal Japan for its upcoming installment, which is said to again feature open-world RPG elements.

At the moment, there is no release date for Assassin’s Creed Codename Red, although a 2024 window was rumored earlier this year, which falls in line with ubisoft’s Annual launch cycle formula. One insidergaming report It was further revealed that the game will feature two main characters – the female shinobi above and an African refugee turned samurai who appears to be inspired by the real-life Yasuke, who was active during the Sengoku period in Japan. It’s unclear how these two characters will co-exist in the game – like whether we’ll get to play as both or just choose one at the start, like assassin’s creed valhalla, remains to be seen. Despite this, returning to the controversial open-world style, it appears that Assassin’s Creed Raid will lean heavily on stealth, as players hide in the shadows and snuff out torches from a distance.

Ubisoft Quebec – known for development assassin’s creed odyssey – Jonathan Dumont has been assigned the task of making Assassin’s Creed Raid under the direction of Jonathan Dumont. It’s part of Publisher’s upcoming Central Hub called assassin’s creed infinity, which is designed to tie together a bunch of different AC titles, with plans for some standalone multiplayer experiences in the future. “Infinity is going to be the hub that unites all of our different experiences and our players in meaningful ways,” said Marc-Alexis Cote, VP, Assassin’s Creed. 2022 Ubisoft Forward Event, At the time, Ubisoft also confirmed a dark entry in the AC franchise, codenamed Hex, set during the latter stages of the Holy Roman Empire, amid the witch trials. A teaser of the same was also released, in which a talisman was discovered in the forest, whose shape was similar to this Assassins Creed Logo.

Earlier this month, the publisher launched killer’s creed is a miragewhich became ubisoft’s Launch of the biggest new generation In terms of unit sales, in less than a week. In that time, players have collectively taken 60 million leaps of faith and spent 479 years parking on the rooftops of 9th century Baghdad. We also got the long-awaited launch date assassin’s creed vr project, called Nexus, which will unfold from the perspective of three iconic assassins from the series – Ezio Auditore, Connor Kenway, and Cassandra. The game is now available for pre-order Meta Quest VR and launches 16 November,

Currently, there is no release window for Assassin’s Creed Raid, but when it comes out, we can expect it to launch pc, PS5And xbox series s/x,

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