Baldur’s Gate 3 ‘big’ third patch finally lets you change looks

baldur’s gate 3 is set to receive its huge third patch, which will finally allow players to change the appearance of their in-game character. Fans have been eagerly requesting this feature since launch, and with the resolution of performance issues in the densely populated Act 3 segment, it’s set to go live tonight, September 22. When the update goes live, the game will add a magic mirror to our camp, a static tool that can be interacted with to potentially open a limited version of the creation menu. Patch 3 was originally due on Thursday, but the developer Larian Studio ‘Decided to take an extra day for’intensive testing,

The Magic Mirror won’t let you completely change your Tav, preventing you from changing their race and body type, which makes sense considering how much it affects relationships with other NPCs and general world interactions. That said, anything that’s appearance-based – hair, makeup, voice, pronouns, and so on – can be changed whenever you want. Previously, you’d be stuck using whatever look you initially chose, with no way to fix it once baldur’s gate 3 The journey began. This also means that if you’ve created a minor character, you’ll remain that way until the end – or until you start a new round. It doesn’t seem like you have to exchange any kind of currency to use the mirror, which is nice.

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Larian said that no one can replace the original characters like Karlach, Shadowheart, Gale and the like. “…they are all Very Especially about his hair,” the tweet read as a humorous nod to the vampire spawn Asterion. There is also patch #3 supposed to bring mac Support for Baldur’s Gate 3. Until now, it was accessible through Early Access, which lacks a lot of the content and changes that were present in the final/main build released on PC in August. Meanwhile, Larian is fixing some quest-related issues, specifically that of the deadly drow Mynthra, whose 1,500+ lines of dialogue Were disabled due to a bug. The team also added an alternate ending to the arc of the happy-go-lucky Tiefling Karlach, and there are plans to eventually expand on the ending.

In form of PS5 version launched earlier this month, Larian enable cross-save across all platforms, giving players the chance to continue their progress PC To console and vice versa – although only the last five save files will be synced. We can assume that the Mac version of Baldur’s Gate 3 will also get the same treatment. Plans for cross-play are also in the pipeline, allowing players from different systems to engage in online co-op adventures together.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on PC and PS5, while xbox series s/x scheduled for launch sometime later this year,

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