Baldur’s Gate 3 cross-play between PC and console is in development at Larian Studios

baldur’s gate 3 finally dropped on PS5 last night, and with it developer Larian Studios has confirmed that cross-play will finally be coming to the game. Speaking to Eurogamer, publishing director Michael Douse claimed that cross-platform co-op has always been on the roadmap, but the team had never planned for it as a launch feature. Just like a tabletop roleplaying game (Dungeons & Dragons), Baldur’s Gate 3’s immersive story can be enjoyed with friends in online co-op, although this is currently limited to people on the same platform/system.

“It was always in the plan,” Douse said. Interview, “But we knew it wouldn’t make it to launch. It’s on the roadmap, and although we have an idea of ​​when we’d like to have it ready, we don’t want to put a date on it until we’re sure.” PC And this PS5 In addition to cross-save, the editions also come with support for split-screen co-op. The latter makes it so you can carry over your progress between any platforms, although only the last five save files will be synced. Additionally, using any mod on the PC version will make its saves incompatible with the PS5 when switching. It’s unclear whether this rule is limited to third-party mods only larion Recently promised to bring its own modding support/tools in the future.

But before Larian gets to any of this, I’m guessing the team will focus on fixing any bugs and expanding baldur’s gate 3 Epilogue with new cinematics. The first such change went live last week patch #2, which added a new alternate ending for the happy-go-lucky Tiefling Karlach, whose arc previously ended in sadness. In other news, studio CEO Sven Vincke Confirmed Due to a programming bug, the characters in BG3 seemed overly agitated, causing some companions, such as the magician Gale, to immediately turn on the player. Romance in the game operates on an approval system, where a party member’s interest in you depends on the way you interact with the world. However, Vinke notes that the approval thresholds were set too low at launch, and they have since been fixing this.

Amidst all this, Larian is also working on a xbox version of Baldur’s Gate 3, which is scheduled for later this year. xbox series s/x Will likely also come with cross-play support, but it’s worth mentioning Split-screen co-op is limited to more expensive xbox series x, the studio was struggling To include convenience at less-expensive xbox series s Due to its memory constraints, it becomes difficult to present too much activity on a single screen/system. That said, Larian and the team at Xbox will still explore ways to incorporate split-screen co-op on lower-end systems after launch, though no promises were made.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on PC and PS5, while the Xbox Series S/X version is scheduled to launch sometime this year.

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