Google Bard gets new features to keep up with rival ChatGPT’s popularity

AlphabetGoogle said Tuesday that Bard, its generative artificial intelligence, will have the ability to fact-check its answers and conduct personal analytics on users. Google The data comes as the tech giant is struggling to catch up to ChatGPIT in popularity.

was released last year chatgptA chatbot from Microsoftsupported OpenAI, a race began in the tech industry to provide consumers with access to generative AI technology. At the time, ChatGPT was the fastest growing consumer application ever and is now among the top 30 websites in the world.

bard Haven’t taken off in the same way. According to website analytics firm SimilarWeb, it received 183 million visits in August, which is 13 percent of the visits ChatGPT receives.

Since it wants to catch up by moving faster Aye Space, Google is launching the Bard extension, which enables users to import their data from other Google products. For example, users can ask Bard to search their files Google Drive Or provide a summary of a user’s Gmail inbox. Jack Krawczyk, senior product director at Google, said that right now, Bard users will only be able to get information from Google apps, but Google is working with outside companies to connect their apps to Bard in the future.

Another new feature in Bard attempts to alleviate a difficult problem for generic AI: false responses known as “hallucinations.” Bard users will be able to see which parts of Bard’s answers differ from Google search results and agree with them.

“We’re presenting[Bard]in a way that he admits when he’s not confident,” Krawczyk said, explaining that the intention is to build users’ trust in generative AI by holding Bard accountable.

The third new feature allows users to invite others into Bard conversations.

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