Google working on bringing upcoming Pixel repair mode to all Android-powered devices: Report

Samsung recently introduced a new feature called Maintenance Mode for its Galaxy devices. This mode can be used by the device owner and can be activated before handing over the device to the service technician at the service center. Maintenance Mode by Samsung basically creates a new user profile, locking the main user’s data once the mode is activated. Samsung came up with this feature so that users do not need to backup and reset their smartphone while handing it over for service. This also reduces the need to log into a new device and setup everything again. according to a recent report, Google is also working on such a mode for its Pixel devices. But now it seems that Google is also working on adding this feature natively to all its Android-powered smartphones.

The code named “Repair Mode” was viewed by Mishal Rehman Which claims it will work seamlessly and can be activated and deactivated using the preferred authentication method set by the user. According to Rahman, Google’s system works very differently compared to Samsung’s maintenance mode.

Whereas samsung maintenance mode Creates a new user profile, Google’s approach basically simulates a factory reset. This is accomplished using a mechanism called Dynamic System Updates (DSU), which was introduced in Android 10. DSU basically makes it possible to boot without overwriting the existing installation, which preserves the user’s data.

Swapping occurs at the very next boot, which is when the original system is replaced with the new data image. This was only until Android 14, where it was possible to swap out only the data partition (like with a factory reset) while keeping the original data intact. And this is probably what happens when a user activates Repair Mode on a Pixel device.

According to Rahman, once Google activates the new Repair Mode in source, smartphone makers will be able to decide if they want to use their own version of Repair Mode versus Google’s soon-to-be native Repair Mode . As far as the user who submits his phone for service is concerned, the technician servicing the phone will basically see a factory reset phone, which can be used to test the hardware during service . Google is expected to release Repair Mode first as a feature in the December Pixel feature drop.

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