GTA 6 trailer coming in early December, Rockstar Games confirms

gta 6 A trailer is coming in early December, Rockstar Games has confirmed. The news is as follows: recent report Claiming that the developer was planning an announcement ‘early this week’. Studio co-founder Sam Houser confirmed those claims, and said points are still in the works next month. Rock Star Celebrating the 25th anniversary and thanking players for their continued support over the decades. Grand Theft Auto V has been around for over 11 years since its launch in 2013, with over 190 million copies sold at the time of writing – 5 million of them sold in Q4 2023, thanks to next-gen upgrades and gta online The segment is still going strong.

“We are very excited to tell you that in early December, we will release the first trailer for the next film grand theft auto, We look forward to many more years of sharing these experiences with all of you,” the tweet reads, giving desperate fans something to look forward to. Like whether a trailer launch has been planned or not sports awards On December 7th, only time will tell, but the time frame certainly fits. Of course, the host and organizer of the awards show Geoff Keighley Haven’t commented on GTA 6’s presence at the event, but keeping things quiet and saving it as the final mic drop isn’t out of fashion for them. However, it’s worth noting that Rockstar Games has avoided making announcements at industry events in the past, preferring to release reveals and trailers on its own channels instead.

This is only the second official GTA 6 update from Rockstar Games, after confirming last year that the game was in development. There’s no word yet on a release window, which could come next month with a trailer. However, a may earnings call And subsequent quarterly reports from the studio’s parent company Take-Two Interactive have suggested that the launch window for GTA 6 is set for fiscal year 2025. In Rockstar’s case, this window opens in April 2024.

elsewhere, Hollywood The actors have finally reached a temporary deal The 118-day long strike with major manufacturing companies ended. Back in September, it was informed of Video game artists can also join the movement, wanting to be paid fairly and fighting against the unregulated use of artificial intelligence to replace actors. However, take two CEO Strauss Zelnick claimed in a Interview It was ‘unlikely’ that video game actors would follow in Hollywood’s footsteps and strike out. And even if they did, they claim GTA 6 is ‘completely safe’ from any delays – this could be a sign that all voice lines have been recorded and finalized for release And Rockstar will continue to fix the game until launch. The studio is trying to get rid of it crunch culture For some time now, some employees have raised their voice against harsh working conditions and the resulting fatigue.

Rockstar Games faces serious losses in September 2022 security breach, which led to a collection of over 90 in-development gameplay videos being leaked online. One of those clips confirmed a previous leak that suggested GTA 6 would introduce its first female protagonist, who was seen taking part in a daytime heist at an eatery. The game is reportedly set in a fictional version of Miami and features two protagonists – a male and a female – modeled on the real-life American crime duo Bonnie and Clyde. During its Q4 2023 earnings report, Rockstar Games also revealed red dead redemption 2 57 million copies were sold.

grand theft auto 6 Will likely release on current-gen PS5 And xbox series s/x First of all, before you go pc – As seen with previous Rockstar entries.

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