ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 – England vs India – KL Rahul makes return to his IPL home ‘bittersweet’

KL Rahul Nearly six months after injuring his thigh during the IPL, his return to Lucknow ahead of India’s match against England in the World Cup on Sunday has been described as “bittersweet”.
Rahul, who captains Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL. drawn Chasing a ball on the boundary during a loss to Royal Challengers Bangalore in early May: “My tendon got separated from my quadriceps,” he explained last month. He spent four months away from the game, missing the rest of the IPL, the World Test Championship final and the Caribbean tour.

Rahul said, “I came out on the field today and I had to do some running.” bcci.tv After India’s training session on Friday afternoon. “I told my trainer Rajini sir (Rajinikanth Sivagananam) that my heart was beating fast, because the last time I was here, I did not have such a good experience, or such a good moment in my career. It was a bit It was sweet and sour.

“That injury obviously had a huge impact on me and my career. It was not such a happy moment for me, for my family. Now I have gone through a lot of injuries in the short time I have played for India ” , It’s not a very good feeling for any athlete to be injured repeatedly and have to go under the knife and have surgery, first of all, instructive – and, secondly, very painful.’

Rahul said, that pain is both physical and psychological. “The most painful part is rehabbing after that and trying to get fit and strong and reassure yourself that it won’t happen again. It’s very, very challenging mentally. When it happened, it was obviously disappointing. I was very angry at what had happened and why and started questioning it all.

“But I started to see the best in what happened to me much later when I was in Bengaluru, and I realized that this was the time when I really needed to step away from the game, because mentally it was too much for me. Something was going on – and, for the first time in my career, I felt like I had no answers.”

“When it happened, it was obviously disappointing. I became very angry at what happened and started questioning why and all that. But I started to see the best in what happened much later when I moved to Bengaluru I was in – it happened at a time when I really needed a break from the game, because I had a lot going on mentally.”

KL Rahul

Rahul is considering Sunday’s match as an opportunity to join the Ekana Stadium due to his injury. “Obviously, I’m very happy to be back here in Lucknow and to replace those memories and create something new and something happy,” he said. “Obviously we play a very strong England team – they’re champions, defending champions – so, looking forward to Sunday.”

After seeing LSG fans support him for the first time in IPL 2023, he described the stadium as “very close to my heart”. “The crowd, the love, the support we saw last year was unreal.” ,” Rahul said. “This is the first time I really felt the full support from the Lucknow crowd or from the whole of UP (Uttar Pradesh).”

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