Indian organizations unable to stop almost half of cyber attacks: Report

Indian institutions are unable to prevent almost half cyber attacks There is a claim that 64 percent of cyber security teams are too busy responding to critical incidents to take a proactive approach. report,

As many as 78 percent of Indian respondents believe their organizations can better defend against cyber attacks with more resources dedicated to prevention Cyber ​​securityBut seven in 10 (71 percent) of organizations say their IT teams are more concerned about uptime than patching and improvements, reports Colombia-based cybersecurity company Tenable.

The report, based on an online study of 825 IT and cybersecurity professionals conducted in 2023, of which 69 were Indians, said the disparity results in a lack of coordination between the two teams, with 43 percent of Indian organizations acknowledging the challenge. Is.

Eight in 10 respondents (81 percent) said their organizations use third-party programs for SaaS apps and services. However, only over half (54 percent) have visibility into these third-party environments, making proactive security measures elusive.

“In today’s threat landscape, by the time organizations respond to cyber attacks, the battle is half lost,” said Kartik Shahani, country manager, Tenable India.

This study throws light on the underlying issues of Indian organizations within their structure and operations. He said this misalignment in goals between IT and security teams results in a marked lack of coordination, making it challenging for these critical components of an organization to work cohesively toward a shared goal.

According to the release, the data of this report is taken from the study “Old habits die hard: How people, process and technology challenges are hurting cyber security teams in India”.

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