iOS 16.5 update broke iPhone and iPad compatibility with Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter, users say

iOS 16.5 was rolled out to users last week, just weeks before Apple is expected to announce the next version of its smartphone operating system, iOS 17. The new update brought minor changes to the Apple News app and a new Pride celebration wallpaper, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes for Apple’s services. Shortly after the update was released, users started complaining that the company’s Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter is not working after installing the iPhone iOS 16.5 update.

Users have recently complained on Apple’s community forum, Reddit, and the MacRumors forum that the company’s Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter doesn’t work (Via MacRumors) after the iOS 16.5 update is installed on an iPhone. Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 adapter (or dongle) allows users to connect the camera to an iPhone or iPad using the USB Type-A port as well as a Lightning charging cable to transfer images.

Reddit user u/FractalVision420 Complained The Lightning to USB 3 adapter they used to power the DJ controller has stopped after the iOS 16.5 update and continues to work on their partner’s phone, which has not been updated.

Meanwhile, user u/Fifanatic a Comment Answered that the Lightning to USB 3 adapter they used to charge iPhone 13 Pro Max And listen to lossless audio on Apple Music through a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), but after the update the device stopped working. This user claims that the iPhone shows the “draws too much power” error message, and that both data transfer and basic charging functionality has been removed.

A submit On Apple’s community forums, which appears to be posted by the same user, it also states that the Lightning to USB 3 adapter works as expected on an iPad running an older version of Apple’s operating system. The user says they have contacted Apple Support and submitted feedback to the company. So far, two users have responded confirming these claims, while 41 users have opted out. Me too button at the end of the post.

Meanwhile, user “devel0per” on the MacRumors forums who updated his iPhone XS to iOS 16.5 Claim They are shown a “Can’t use accessories” alert because the device is drawing too much power. Using different accessories, adapters and power bricks, or rebooting the handset does not resolve the issue, according to the user, who claims that the adapter works as expected on two other iPhone models that run iOS 16.4. Moving on to 1(a).

Although there’s no word from Apple on the user’s community post explaining why the update breaks compatibility with Lightning to USB 3 adapters, the company could release a software update – for example to iOS 16.5.1 – To resolve the issue, which may be related to a software bug. company roll iOS 16.5 last week added small changes to Apple TV+, like a new tab for Sports and a Pride celebration wallpaper. The company is testing iOS 16.6 and is expected to unveil iOS 17 at WWDC 2023 on June 5.

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