IPL 2023 – LSG vs GT – ‘I don’t know how it happened’ – KL Rahul left stunned after unexpected defeat

stunned by a sight KL Rahul Can’t “put a finger on” how, why and when Lucknow Super Giants lost what was, for the longest time, their encounter against Gujarat Titans.

“I don’t know how it happened and it happened so fast, but yes, this is cricket, it keeps reminding us that the game is never won till the last ball,” said Mohit Sharma after bowling the final over. After this Rahul said. Four runs were scored – and four wickets taken – giving the Titans a seven-run win. “I still can’t put my finger on it and say where we went wrong, but the point is, we lost two points. The game was in our pocket and we let it go.

“I just have to accept it and take it as it is. It’s a game and these things happen but it’s going to sting us for a while. We’ll try and come back stronger.”

Chasing 136, the Super Giants were 105 for 1 at the end of the 14th over, needing 31 runs off 36 balls to win. Rahul had completed his half-century, while Krunal Pandya looked comfortable and two points seemed a formality.

Until it wasn’t. Noor Ahmed struck twice before Mohit and Mohammed Shami maintained their composure as the Titans sealed the surprise win.

Earlier, Rahul got the Super Giants out on a flyer in the chase. He scored his first 46 runs off 30 balls, but it took 31 balls to score his next 22 runs. While chasing the target, Super Giants failed to hit even a single four in the last 45 balls.

Rahul admitted that he should have ‘taken the chance’ earlier.

“(I was) obviously not trying to bat really deep, but still trying to play my shots, still trying to face the bowlers that I like,” Rahul said. Are.” “Between Noor and Jayant (Yadav), they bowled very well in the two or three overs period. And perhaps we should have taken a few more chances. We had a few wickets in hand, but look, that didn’t happen,” he said. An easy wicket for the batsmen to come in and get straight to. Set the batsman – You obviously want them to play and finish the game for you.

“That was my mindset, but I should have taken some more chances or just got some chances in the middle of the bat.

“In the end, they bowled well, but I think we missed a few opportunities to hit boundaries. That’s the only thing that really went wrong in the 40 overs we played. In the last three to four overs, the pressure was really on. We got the upper hand. He bowled some good balls, he bowled some good overs, but still we should have done it.”

hardik pandyaThe Titans captain was as stunned as his counterpart after winning a game which saw his team bow out.

“The amount of cricket that Mo (Mohit) has played, I don’t think I need to interfere. The amount of execution and clarity and calmness he showed made my life a lot easier,” Hardik said. “I bowled the ball and I said ‘back yourself’. Also, the over that (Mohammad) Shami bowled showed his experience.

“Mohit and Shami were tremendous. Really credit to them, the kind of pullback they did, and special mention to Jayant (Yadav) too.”

Rahul was full of praise for his bowlers and despite the defeat, he wanted his team to take positives and come back stronger.

“We were brilliant (with the ball); 135 is probably under par or just ten under and we bowled really well,” he said. “We know these conditions and we used them really well. The bowlers were very clear with their plans and their execution was spot on.

“We’re still doing a lot of things right. We still have eight points from the seven matches we’ve played. As a team we’re still good. Our attitude and how we’re playing our cricket. But there’s nothing to question. It’s a really good team but things like this happen. Sometimes you’re on the wrong side.”

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