Marvel is reportedly considering replacing Jonathan Majors with the original Avengers cast for the new film

Marvel Studios reportedly in talks to bring back original cast for new cast the avenger Movies. According to Variety, studio executives, including president Kevin Feige, recently discussed the idea of ​​reviving Robert Downey Jr Tony Stark/Iron Man and scarlett johansson’s Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow for a new saga – though they haven’t committed. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see something like this happen in a superhero movie, as comic books are notorious for killing off and reviving characters. However, doing so in Hollywood may require a larger investment, with reports stating that Downey’s salary for 2013 iron Man 3 Was $25 million (about Rs 208 crore).

Miracle There have been some stinkers released this year with both Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and the TV show. secret attack Released to widespread negative reception. With the Phase Four films failing to impress despite commercial success and Phase Five floundering, it’s no surprise that Marvel is considering bringing back the old band. But betting on something this monumental could be risky – even if fans are excited about it.

You see, the reason for the Russo Brothers Avengers: Endgame The good performance at the box office was partly due to its inconclusive ending. The film was becoming the culmination of years of promotion and character development over the previous 22 films. Suddenly reviving the characters would raise questions about canon events, as well as be a blatant attempt to capture the long-lost Marvel magic that has audiences lining up in theaters at midnight. Superhero movie fatigue has never been more apparent, and the MCU is still doing everything it can to give it a proper ending. multiverse saga,

according to variety reportDiscussions also focused on the franchise’s current main villain kong conquerorby sport jonathan majors, who has been involved in legal issues this year. The actor was arrested on domestic violence charges in March disney It seems to be waiting to see how the ordeal turns out. majors upcoming movie Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Shooting of the film is not expected to begin until 2024. The actor was eventually fired by his managers and faced more charges, as he now prepares to stand trial in November. This controversy has led Marvel executives to begin considering another major villain, the genius Dr. Doom – a major change, considering the studio has made Kang the ultimate opponent during both seasons. bottle gourd And Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, However, Variety’s sources insist that Marvel considered creating a new villain regardless of Majors’ legal disputes due to Quantumania’s poor box office performance.

Part of the criticism of the film arose from poor CGI. VFX artist showing fingers On Marvel Studios to divert all of its major resources towards other films Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Due to which there was shortage of time. Long working hours and unrealistic deadlines led the VFX department to unionize in September, with some claiming that VFX head Victoria Alonso was responsible for the weak effects. He was fired in March, citing contract violations, although insiders believed quality assurance had been declining since he began spending the money. Disney+ Marvel shows. Meanwhile, another group claims that Alonso was merely a ‘scapegoat’ and that CGI takes issue with it She-Hulk: Attorney at Law The show arose from scripting and scheduling conflicts, which led the cast to fix them in post-production.

The studio is preparing for its latest film 10 November , Miracle Starring brie larson, Iman VellaniAnd Teyonah Parris, which was made on a budget of $250 million (approximately Rs 2,081 crore). The film reportedly required four weeks of reshoots with its director nia dacosta Moving out to work on another film during the post-production stage. Variety’s source claimed, “If you’re directing a $250 million movie, it’s weird for a director to leave for a few months.”

In addition, long gestation period blade reboot film starring oscar winner Mahershala Aliwhich has cycled through many authors and director, Change is being made from the ground up. Turns out, the vampire narrative once turned into a ‘female-driven narrative filled with life lessons’ while the main story remained buried deep under the rug. Ali was, at one point, ready to leave the project due to script issues, but fees then hired logan Writer Michael Green will create a fresh story, which will be developed on a budget of $100 million (approximately Rs 832 crore). blade Now eyeing a release sometime in 2025.

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