Samsung files patent describing new ways to mount its S Pen on foldable devices: report

While Huawei’s foldable devices are getting thinner and setting new standards with every launch, Samsung is definitely feeling the pain after taking it easy and going with iterative design updates for the past few years. And that makes a lot of sense because Samsung is still the dominant player in the foldable space. But this year with the launch of the Google Pixel Fold and OnePlus Open, the landscape is changing for foldable smartphones, especially those with horizontal layouts. OnePlus has also launched its latest foldable in India, a market where Samsung has so far dominated when it comes to foldables. New players entering the foldable arena have certainly kept Samsung on its toes with a recent revelation claim of Samsung is “reverse engineering” the Huawei Mate X5 to find ways to make the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold thinner. While we’d all love to see a slimmer Galaxy Z Fold model next year, Samsung’s new patent also highlights the company’s efforts to integrate the S Pen stylus into its foldables.

The patent was first pointed out studymo in collaboration with David Kowalski And it reveals some interesting design philosophies that Samsung is working on to integrate its unique S Pen stylus into its foldable lineup. The patent details how Samsung aims to keep its foldable as thin as possible while integrating its S Pen, a task that is no easy task given the thickness of the existing S Pen. Earlier this year, Samsung also announced a new case for its Galaxy Z Fold 5, which housed a slimmer S Pen, making it significantly thinner than last year’s case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Is.

One layout shows a stylus attached to one side of the foldable (as a part of its frame), while the other shows it mounted on the back of the device, which would be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series and Microsoft’s Surface Duo devices. There are also details revealing changes to the S Pen’s design, with some designs seeing more than one button and some even having three buttons on the side of the stylus.

previous reports Hints have been made at the need for a slimmer S Pen design, which would make it much easier to integrate it through a silo in the body of the foldable. This would be similar to the current implementation of the S Pen in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, the same report also states that previous attempts to do so have failed because the device has become quite thick. In fact, the newly discovered side-mounted layout appears to be a better option, and also allows for a slimmer foldable design.

There is a lot of contradictory information so far in the rumor mill about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6. Some reports indicate new screen layout With a different aspect ratio, while others hint at a familiar design but with an integrated S Pen as seen in some leaked pictures Prototype version of the Galaxy Z Fold. There is also information about a more affordable Galaxy Z FE lineup, which is rumored to launch alongside the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold series lineup, which should compete with the new generation of affordable foldables. techno phantom v fold, techno phantom v flip (Review)And this motorola razr 40,

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