Samsung may use Galaxy Z Fold 5’s waterdrop hinge design for foldable notebook: Details

Offering benefits like better longevity and less visible center crease, the new waterdrop hinge design has become popular among smartphone makers looking to introduce the next generation of foldable smartphones. Just recently, Samsung also joined many Chinese brands when it introduced its new foldable lineup for the year launch Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. In fact, each manufacturer uses different ingredients to achieve the same effect. Now it appears that Samsung is ready to apply the same design principles to its Galaxy Book lineup as well.

According to Korean publication Election, SAMSUNG Was considering applying its waterdrop hinge design to a larger device from its new foldables. The source claims that the foldable notebook can be launched soon next year. For this particular foldable notebook, the waterdrop hinge will replace the regular hinge commonly found on regular notebooks from the company and other manufacturers. While the waterdrop hinge design suits the foldable display design perfectly, it also makes the entire unit lighter. However, the benefits end there as the waterdrop hinge reportedly makes the notebook thicker than notebooks with regular hinges.

According to the same source, both LG and HP are considering making their U-shaped hinges lighter than those used on existing foldable notebook models. Samsung reportedly wanted to launch a foldable notebook last year, but put its decision on hold “due to low consumer demand”. The electronics giant had also considered involving Samsung Display or BOE for the OLED panels of its folding notebook. For now, the brand intends to bring this larger foldable form factor to the market in the second half of next year.

Until it is launched galaxy z fold 5 And galaxy z flip 5, Samsung was using its old V-shaped hinge design, which resulted in a deeper and more pronounced crease in the center of its folding display. Samsung’s new waterdrop hinge design keeps the phone’s main display in a secure U-shaped (as opposed to the earlier V-shaped) position. This makes the handset more durable when it comes to withstanding drops, which otherwise could easily damage the internal gears leading to failure of the main display to open completely.

Before Samsung, the waterdrop hinge has been used on many foldable devices by different manufacturers. Contains Oppo Find N2The motorola razr 40 ultra, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Fold 2, and others. However, Samsung is the only manufacturer to offer an IPX8 rating with its foldables, which is currently the highest rating for water resistance among similar devices.

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