Shakib Al Hasan says Tamim Iqbal is ‘childish’ and ‘not a team man’ after World Cup exit

shakib al hassanmade a scathing attack on tamim iqbal Before the World Cup, he was called “childish” and criticized Tamim for putting himself ahead of the team’s needs.

Tamim has been battling a back injury and has been in and out of the Bangladesh squad, which was cited as the reason for his exclusion from the World Cup squad on Tuesday. Except that, earlier today, Tamim had insisted on Facebook that he would have been fit enough to take part in the tournament and that is why he would not be traveling to India. he was tired of bcb Creating obstacles for him. One of them, he said, was that a top board official had asked him to bat lower in the order.

“I’m sure some authorized person said this (to Tamim),” Bangladesh captain Shakib told a Dhaka-based TV channel. t-sports In an interview broadcast Wednesday night. “I’m sure whoever said this has thought about the team. There are a lot of things involved in making a combination for a match. So if someone has said this to him, was it wrong? Or are we Cannot make any such proposal.” , I’m just going to let anyone know that you can do whatever you want. Is the team first or the individual?”

Shakib continuously and openly criticized that Tamim was being selfish by not thinking about the team.

“Someone like Rohit Sharma made his career from No. 7 to opener, scored more than 10,000 runs. If he sometimes bats at No. 3 or 4, will it be a big problem? This is completely childish . This is my bat, I will play. No one else can play. A player should bat at any position for the team. Team first. It does not matter whether you have scored 100 or 200 and the team loses What can you do with personal achievement? Do you want to make a name for yourself?

“You’re not thinking about the team at all. People don’t understand these things. Why was the offer made to them? It was for the team. What’s wrong with that? You’re a team man when you agree to something like that.” Are.” Proposal. Unless you’re thinking in that direction, you’re not a team man. You are playing for personal records, success, fame and name. Not for the team.”

Tamim’s The troubles started in July During a home series against Afghanistan, where he said he was playing through a back injury, the same injury he is currently suffering from. This forced him to miss the Asia Cup and also the final match of his comeback series against New Zealand earlier this week.

Shakib said that he does not want to take any player to the World Cup whose fitness is a question mark and he even said that anyone playing without being 100 per cent fit is betraying the team.

“I did not discuss this topic with any particular player, medical team or selector. It is definitely the board’s decision. People may doubt my capability or capacity but someone like MS Dhoni, who won everything And has the knowledge and understanding, once said that the unfit player who is playing is betraying his team and the country. I think we should accept it, not only Tamim but every player (that the team Or you have to be completely fit while playing for the country).

Other teams have similar concerns, with New Zealand naming their captain Kane Williamson for the World Cup despite not being 100% fit following an ACL injury. but there clarity is already there The extent of his involvement and lack of certainty seems to be a sticking point when it comes to Tamim.

“Kane Williamson will not play the first two matches, but then he will start playing,” Shakib said. “If I knew something like that, I would not have any problem. But if I knew that in his seventh or third or first “There’s uncertainty about playing in the game, or I’ll find out on the morning of the game, so it will be difficult for me to select a team. I don’t think we need that type of player.”

There has been speculation that Tamim was only fit to play five matches in the World Cup and although the opening batsman has called this a lie, not everyone agrees.

“I have definitely heard that he will play selectively,” Shakib said. “Really a journalist can’t tell you that he will come to the office an hour before he is due to come to the office. If you ask me personally, If I were the CEO of the company, I would not hire that employee. Although I never had any discussion on this matter.”

Shakib also expressed negative opinion about Tamim Decision to resign from the post of ODI captain Just two months away from the World Cup. “I have often heard in the dressing room that he is quitting the captaincy. Even a player once told him that ‘Brother, Leave it quickly so that the new captain can get some time. Exactly the same thing happened. Whoever came inside did not get time. Everyone knew, including the selectors and board officials. Papon Brother (BCB president Nazmul Hasan) was definitely aware of it.

“I don’t know why he didn’t leave it (earlier). He can tell you. It’s like, your commander takes you to war, but (Shakib imitating a soldier) when he prepares you If he takes it, then he is the commander. I am not asking you to open fire or step back. Where will you go? We were in the same situation in the last two matches against Afghanistan (in July).

“The captain would not have changed before the Asia Cup and the World Cup, unless he himself announced that he was resigning or retiring. This would have happened 18 months ago, when everyone knew what was going to happen. “

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo’s Bangladesh correspondent. @isam84

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