Shastri: You have to leave IPL to prepare for 20 days for WTC final

Rohit Sharma Would like “20-25 days to prepare” for the World Test Championship (WTC) final, but Ravi ShastriThe former India coach was more pragmatic about the ground realities, putting the onus on the players to make a “choice” between missing parts of the IPL and preparing for such a big game.

Shastri said, “Look, this will never happen.” star sports In response to Rohit’s statement. The Indian captain had suggested how “ideal preparation”, such as in 2021 when they toured England about three weeks before the start of the Test series, worked in their favor and India took a 2-1 lead , before COVID-19 forced the postponement of the final Test.

That preparation window opened only because the second part of the IPL was to happen. pushed back Till September due to increase in Covid cases among teams and players.

“Let’s be realistic here. You won’t get those 20 days. And if that’s the case, you’ll have to miss the IPL,” Shastri said. “So, the choice is yours and it also depends on the establishment. I am sure BCCI will review it in the future, if the World Test Championship (final) is going to come after the IPL every month in June, then for that season, if If your team qualifies for the finals, certain clauses should be given to the franchises.”

immediately after india 209 run defeat Head coach Rahul Dravid also spoke about going to Australia for the WTC final work with boundaries Around scheduling. “As a coach I can never be happy with the preparation, but this is the reality I am facing…we are facing it,” Dravid said.

“The schedules are very tight and tight. When you are playing international cricket, if you come here three weeks before the tour and play two side-by-side games, you will be better prepared. We don’t have that, we Gotta do what we can, but no excuses, no complaints.”

“There are a lot of players who are doing really well in our domestic cricket as well. It’s just about finding them and giving them that space.”

Rohit Sharma

India’s fast bowlers – especially the change bowlers – missed their line in the first innings against Australia. Rohit suggested that getting more time before the match could help him get into the rhythm of bowling in Test match cricket after two months of continuous T20 cricket.

“Yes, ideally, we want good time to prepare, give adequate rest to the bowlers,” Rohit said in the post-match press conference. “Sometimes, it can be tough because while playing T20 cricket, you bowl completely different lengths, different lines and with a lot of variations.

“And then in Test cricket, obviously, it requires a lot of discipline, hitting that field consistently and challenging the batsmen – but then, you know (Mohammed) Shami, (Mohammed) Siraj, Umesh (Yadav) ) They are all experienced, they obviously know how to prepare themselves and get ready for a game like this. But in an ideal scenario, yes, I would love it if we had something to prepare for a game like this. It should be 20-25 days.”

Shastri calls for India to start succession planning

India launches 2023-25 ​​cycle of WTC test series in west indies In July. Issues that India may need to address include workload management, given that the 50-over World Cup is scheduled to be held in October-November on home soil. This could potentially mean that some key players will be rested.

Shastri believes it is important for the team management and selectors to have a succession plan in place to ensure that the upcoming young players get the highest level of exposure to the game before being called up for a competition like a final. . He believed it should be done, even if it meant “making difficult decisions that people won’t like.”

“The think-tank and the selectors have to sit down and look at this, make a plan, have a vision to see how you fill your team,” he said. “The Australians have been very good at doing that over the years. They look at where they want to be in three years’ time. They don’t wait for five players to suddenly leave the team.

“They are constantly getting younger. So there is a combination of youth and experience all the time. Young players learn quickly from senior players. So your team is always healthy and strong. So there has to be a plan. They’re going to have to make tough calls.” “People won’t like it, but it’s the interest of the team that is paramount and you should look at it that way.”

Rohit also told about this planning. “No matter which tournament you play, you start to see what you can do moving forward,” he said on Sunday. “To be honest, the game is over right now. We haven’t really thought much about what we want to do in the future. Obviously, there will be some conversations around that and we’ll see whatever is necessary and whatever.” It would be best.” Whatever brand of cricket we want to play in the next two years.

“And who are those guys who can play that role for us? That’s the question we have to find the answer to. And there are a lot of guys, a lot of players who are performing really well in our domestic cricket.” Ok. It’s just about finding them and giving them that space, enough time to grow and work for us. It’s all about it. “The focus will obviously be on that.”

Shashank Kishore is senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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