Starfield will get official mod support in 2024, Bethesda confirms

Starfield Official mod support is coming in 2024, game director Todd Howard confirmed in an interview. Since the massive space RPG’s debut in Early Access, thousands of unofficial mods have been made available online, with capable mods ranging from Nvidia’s DLSS Upgrading system to make the inventory more compact and user friendly. However, official modding tools make it easy to add fresh, custom content like new planets and story quests, essentially opening up the playing field for more experimentation. this has been the practice bethesda The game at launch, where the modding community has been deeply involved in eliminating bugs or enhancing the experience due to their deep understanding of the engine.

“When the mods are ready, you’ll be able to do almost anything as we’ve done in the past, and the mods will be supported next year, but we’ll do it on a larger scale because we love it too.” Howard told Japanese outlet Famitsu (machine translated) pcgamesn, Comments reflect a Reddit AMA From 2021, where he confirmed Starfield Like previous titles they will get “full mod support” and would love to see more modders make a career out of it. Of course, this is in context The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Moder Alianora Creations, who was appointed by bethesda To add some world clutter and lighting to your latest open-space game. In fact, the influence of modders is so great that Top five most popular games Nexus mods have been taken over by Bethesda’s games.

Official mod support timeline is the same as for previous games Skyrim And fallout 4, the former received its share four months after its November 2011 launch (early the following year). Meanwhile, the post-apocalyptic wasteland fallout 4 It was officially revised six months after its release via Creation Kit in November 2015. With this in mind, it’s quite possible that Starfield’s modding tools may take longer to appear, given that it was developed on the overhauled Creation Engine 2. The same engine will be used for the much-awaited construction elder scrolls 6who recently passed away early development stage,

for now, pc Players can mess around with countless unofficial mods, starting with fixing minor inconveniences in Starfield, such as the lack of a FOV slider to one performance boost mod Which squeezes out more framerate without sacrificing visual fidelity. There have also been some interesting developments in the modding scene, where some players thought it would be fun to pretend that the game is available. Play Station System also. one such mod in place of The Bethesda intro splash screen, with PlayStation Studios animation, serves as an aesthetic choice for entertainment. It’s worth mentioning that enabling any type of mod or using console commands in Starfield disables unlockable achievements. However, Nexus Mods users prikrade A mod came out immediately that counters that condition, so you won’t miss any of them in your playthrough.

Starfield is now available on PC, xbox series s/xAnd xbox game pass,

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