Tanzeem Hasan apologizes to BCB for objectionable Facebook post

bangladesh early tanzeem hassan Had to apologize to BCB for several offensive Facebook posts in the past, which resurfaced after his international debut in the Asia Cup last week. Some of the posts date back to 2014, and BCB chairman of cricket operations Jalal Younis said Tanzeem regretted his posts and took full responsibility for them.

At least four posts, now removed, went viral shortly after ODI debut against India On 15 September, when he took wickets in Bangladesh’s victory.

In a Facebook post from September 2022, he wrote in Bengali: “A working woman will not allow her husband or children to walk with her; she loses her charm, destroys her family, her purdah and society. “

In April this year, Tanzeem, now 20, shared a photo, purportedly from 1954, of a burqa-clad woman possibly traveling in a rickshaw with her family, and called it “the golden past. ” Said.

In another post (date unknown), Tanzim wrote: “If you marry a girl who socializes freely at university, you cannot raise your child to be a promiscuous mother.”

In 2014, when he was 11 years old, Tanzim shared a post about not celebrating Bangladesh’s Victory Day, which is on December 16.

“We will monitor him. His family is also worried. They did not expect such a situation. They are also sorry. We have warned him because he is a young player and the World Cup is on the horizon. If he does something like this again We will take action against him from

Jalal Younis, BCB Cricket Operations Chairman

The posts were reshared over the past four days and became a topic of discussion on social media and television news and shows in Bangladesh. Women’s rights activists, writers and journalists criticized Tanzeem for his posts.

Younis, who is also the BCB director, said he spoke to Tanzeem on the matter on Monday.

“The Cricket Steering Committee spoke to Tanzeem Saqib on behalf of the Bangladesh Cricket Board,” Younis said at a press conference at the Shere Bangla National Stadium on Tuesday. “The media committee also contacted him. We informed Tanzeem about the discussions taking place regarding his Facebook post. He said that he had not written these posts to hurt anyone. He had written it for himself, not for anyone. Not targeting anyone. If those posts hurt anyone’s sentiments, he said he was sorry.

He said that he takes full responsibility for what he has posted about women. He said that he is not a misogynist. We have warned him that if he posts anything on Facebook in future, BCB will keep an eye on him.

“We are keeping an eye on this area (his mentality). We will keep an eye on him. His family is also worried. They did not expect such a situation. They are also sorry. We have warned him because he is a young player, And the World Cup is around the corner. If he does something like this again, we will take action against him. If there is any (psychological) problem, we will provide support.”

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo’s Bangladesh correspondent. @isam84

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