WhatsApp improves group call experience, lets users call up to 31 participants with latest update: Report

WhatsApp Apple is rolling out a new update to users on iOS that improves the group calling experience on the popular messaging platform. The Meta-owned chat application previously increased the number of group call participants to 32, allowing more users to join calls. Until now, users could only choose to invite up to 15 group members to join a call. As per the details shared by the feature tracker, after installing the latest WhatsApp for iOS update, users should be able to invite up to 31 group participants to join a call.

According to feature tracker WABetaInfo, the latest stable version of the app, WhatsApp iOS 23.22.72, comes with one notable change – the ability to start group conversations With a maximum of 31 participants, The app’s changelog doesn’t actually mention the new limit on calling group members, but it does include other recently added features and functionality.

With the latest update, WhatsApp now lets you start a group call with up to 31 participants – effectively making it easier to start a group call than older versions of the app. Previously, WhatsApp only allowed you to start a group call with up to 15 participants – other members could join the call manually.

Gadgets 360 was unable to confirm that the option to start a new group call on the app allows up to 31 participants to choose from as the latest version of the app available in India at the time of writing was 23.21.79 – this is the version of the app that was last available. week was released. If this feature is not enabled on your phone after updating to the latest release, you may have to wait a few days (or weeks) before the new functionality starts rolling out to your account or app.

WhatsApp has been rolling out new features over the past few weeks, including the ability to log in Multiple accounts on the same smartphone And support for passkeys on Android. Users who have two phone numbers will finally be able to sign up for WhatsApp from their second number using the same app.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is making it much easier for users to log back into the app on Android with support for passkeys And their fingerprint – a secure form of authentication designed to eliminate the use of passwords and use public key cryptography to keep user information secure. Support for Passkeys is rolling out on Android and the feature has been integrated with Google’s password manager — no word on whether the feature will be available on iOS as part of a future update.

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