Windows 11 update adds CoPilot integration to MS Paint and Snipping Tool, AI features, and more

windows 11 has been updated with support for co-pilot – Microsoft’s new AI-powered assistant – as part of the company’s latest operating system update. In addition to integrating chatbots in Windows 11, Microsoft is also updating it ms paint The app comes with support for layers and graphics generation, while the built-in snipping tool for screenshots gets AI-based features like text extraction and reduction. Windows Backup will allow you to transfer information across computers when switching to a new Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft Explained in detail about the changes coming to windows 11 In a blog post on Tuesday and revealed that co-pilot The feature is finally coming to the platform. CoPilot will bring the company’s revamped Bing Chat to Windows 11, allowing you to perform various tasks like taking screenshots, toggle Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and other system controls, and generate a summary of a web page.

Copilot will also use generative AI responses to provide text and image responses based on your questions. After updating to the latest version of Windows with CoPilot, you can press the Windows key and C or click the CoPilot icon on the Windows 11 taskbar to get started with the feature.

Microsoft is also updating the MS Paint app with some of the most notable upgrades it has received in nearly four decades. MS Paint will now let you work with multiple layers, just like Adobe Photoshop, According to the company, you will be able to easily remove the background from any photo using the built-in image editing tool.

MS Paint is getting a new CoCreator mode that uses artificial intelligence
Photo Credit: Microsoft

Meanwhile, a new Paint CoCreator preview will be rolled out to testers on Windows Insider in the coming weeks, with support for entering text prompts to create unique images, Microsoft said in a blog post. The blog post states, “50 credits are available for early use of Paint CoCreator. One credit applies per use” – suggesting that the feature won’t be free to use when it launches.

snipping Tool Microsoft’s built-in screenshot and markup tool for Windows 11 – is also getting new AI-powered features. After installing the latest Windows 11 update, you will be able to access two new features through the Snipping Tool – Text Recognition and Reduction. While the former uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect text, the latter will allow you to black out any text such as email addresses or phone numbers from the screenshot.

Finally, Microsoft is updating Windows 11 File Explorer with an improved Home interface with larger thumbnails for favorite or recent files and documents. You will also be able to open RAR and 7-Zip files natively, without the need for third-party file compression apps.

According to the company, you can open the Windows 11 Settings app and navigate to Windows Update, and then enable the option titled Get the latest updates as they become available, Then you have to wait for the update to arrive on your laptop or desktop computer.

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