Xbox leak: Microsoft plans to refresh Xbox Series X and Series S in 2024, new controller with Gyro

Microsoft It’s planning a mid-gen refresh xbox series x and Series S consoles, expected to be released in 2024. A series of leaked court documents from the Microsoft vs. US FTC trial revealed a roadmap and concept images for an upcoming set of gaming systems, including a new controller with gyro and haptic feedback. , Codename ‘Brooklyn’, all-digital xbox series x It has the same horsepower as the current version, despite lacking a disk drive. The console is cylindrical in shape and comes with a generous 2TB of storage – up from 1TB – which I’m guessing is an SSD. Its price will be only $499/rupee. 54,990 and is expected to fall by the end of October next year.

The leaked slides also promise faster Wi-Fi 6E for lower latency and up to 15 percent less power consumption. Last month, Xbox Boss phil spencer claimed in a Interview The company had no plans for a mid-gen refresh and its main focus was on increasing storage. xbox series s, which is currently 512GB. Now We Know There’s a New Look for ‘Ellewood’, Less-Expensive xbox series s is planned for August 2024, Price $299/Rs. 34,990 and 1TB internal storage. However, the form factor and other hardware capabilities remain the same with 10GB of RAM, which has been causing problems for developers recently. Larian Studio It was said earlier that technical limitations Xbox Series S is stopping them from adding split-screen co-op baldur’s gate 3indirectly leads to a delayed release But xbox Ecosystem.

“We’ve seen old emails and conversations about documents,” Spencer admitted of the leak. do, “It’s hard to see our team’s work shared like this because so much has changed and there is so much to be excited about now and in the future. We’ll share the actual plans when we’re ready.” As mentioned earlier, the leak also includes plans for a new Xbox controller called ‘Sabile’, which, despite having a similar look and layout to the existing wireless variants, will be more effective when gaming. Introduces some changes to increase immersion. Has precise haptic feedback PS5’s DualSense controller. The buttons will generally be cool and the support of the Gyro will help us control the movement of the game by tilting the gamepad in certain directions. I’m assuming any studios under Xbox will be asked to consider the latter feature for any future titles.

Leaked documents also revealed that Xbox is planning its next-generation console for 2028, which is in line with Spencer notes during activism blizzard Acquisition trial from June. As reported the vergeThe company is describing it as a hybrid gaming platform that relies on the cloud to “deliver deeper immersion and entirely new categories of game experiences.” Looks like it’s on the xbox of amd Zen 6 CPU for the console’s processing power and Navi 5 graphics. The roadmap indicates that hardware design will begin next year, while the first dev kits will ship in 2027. Keep in mind that these plans are always subject to change.

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