XDefiant delayed after failing PlayStation and Xbox console certification tests

xdefiant, Ubisoft’s upcoming cross-over arena shooter still doesn’t have a solid release date and now we know why. In a blog post, producer Mark Rubin confirmed that the game failed its console certification. Play Station And xbox, and so has been delayed from its original American summer window. It’s now eyeing a release sometime between mid-September to mid-October, depending on any day-one patches required. It’s worth mentioning that it’s incredibly common for games to fail certification tests, but we rarely hear about them because publishers take this into consideration when setting release dates in advance.

Rubin explained blog post with whom xdefiant, the team has decided to be transparent about its processes, beginning with several beta sessions that allow players to access unfinished versions of the game. “These were real trials, not just marketing programs. So, when it comes to when we will release the real answer is ‘as soon as possible’. And we will keep you updated as we have more information,” he said. The above certification and compliance checks should not be confused with a game’s quality or bugs, but rather checking whether it adheres to the platform’s expectations. For example, are trophies unlocking properly or are friends lists being updated with proper game status, name, and activity.

This appears to be Ubisoft Submitted the XDefiant for certification in late July, with hopes of shipping it by the end of August. However, it failed and so, the team has spent the last 3-4 weeks fixing those compliance issues and preparing for another submission. Currently, the game is in the process stage where the developers are finalizing the submission build and are expected to ship it to first-party platforms within the next two weeks. If it gets ‘cleaned up’, XDefiant will be released sometime in mid to late September. But if it comes back with a ‘conditional pass’, the studio will need to implement a one-day pass to ensure any pending fixes are in compliance. This would push the launch date to anywhere between early to mid-October.

The splinter Cell, completely different, sentinel, and more, so they can battle it out in 6v6 arena matches. Each class is equipped with a unique set of skills that can help turn the tide on the field, with Echelons being stealth-based operators who can turn invisible, while attack-minded Cleaners – from block – Can send a flying drone that engulfs its path in flames. in me XDefiant opens first beta impressions, I mentioned that “though its core gameplay is smartly executed, I struggle to see its appeal in the long run,” especially when you consider the FPS multiplayer market is already dominated by arcade shooters. are filled. Since then, the game also had an open beta session in June.

XDefiant is now planning to launch sometime between mid-September to mid-October pc, PS5And xbox series s/x,

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